Inline datastreams need to be XML, correct?  So in that case could you wrap the query in an XML node and then do some work to unwrap it on the other end?  I'm not sure that makes the process any less ugly...

On Thu, Oct 27, 2011 at 2:14 PM, Kyle Banerjee <> wrote:
Howdy all,

We need a good way to migrate a large number of collections to Islandora. At least to us, the easiest way to do this seemed to be to shoot a bunch of FOXML at fedora using curl.

The mechanism is serviceable, but there's one bit of ugliness I'd like to get around. We have not yet figured out how to include an ITQL query datastream inline. Rather, it must be inhaled using <foxml:contentlocation>. Since the query is different for every collection, we have the URL in the contentLocation pass some parameters so that the correct string can be returned. It's not XML, so I can't pass it off as xmlContent. It appears that to pass binaryContent, it needs to be base64 encoded.

Am I correct in understanding that the only way to pass this simple text stream is via reference or by base64 encoding it? Thanks,

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