Hi folks

This is a bit of a 'though experiment' at the moment. I'm doing some work for the University of Vienna on their Perl-based interface.

Currently there's a hacked-in Java bit that seems to check policies etc. and I'd rather like to migrate towards something standard accessed by API calls in a 'clean' orthogonal kind-of way, so there's good separation between the hat [interface] and the head [fedora-commons].

So I've been looking at: Policies as stored as Inline-XML (X) or Managed-Content (M) Datastreams etc. in the doc. It seems to me that I can access these datastreams as 'normal' using API-A [preferably?] using:  getDatastreamDissemination and that would give me fine grained policy stuff, assuming it was in the database [another matter, haha].

Also, I'd guess that if there's a lot of commonality, lots of things have the same policy, then Policies as Externally Referenced (E) or Redirected (R) Datastreams might be better?

Does this make sense or is it just the delirium of a beginner? best regards Hugh