After a long time spent merging, rebasing, and harassing the good members of our community, the master branch of FCRepo 3 is, I think, ready to be considered a release candidate for 3.7.0.

The master branch is available on Github at:

Issues closed for this release are viewable here:

Much of this work has been in incorporating lingering pull requests and branches with performance tweaks, and testing for Java 7 compatibility. With the release of 3.7.0, Java 7 will be the default language of the project. There are also some library upgrades. All of this tracked in the JIRA report linked above. Not tracked (yet) is a fairly large overhaul to the integration test suite, which was dragged into the light of JUnit 4, annotations, and less extraneous creation of objects- but this is primarily of interest to developers.

This is planned to be the final feature release of Fedora Commons Repository 3.x, with non-security development moving to the Fedora 4 project. Any remaining work on the candidate should be either addition of tests or fixing any bugs identified while executing the testing plan (perhaps the addition of a code-signing key, ahem).

Later this week I'll be contacting the committers to establish the testing plan. If you were the reporter on an issue marked as fixed for this release, I would be delighted to have your help testing as well! Please contact me if you want to help. In the past, it has taken between 1 and 2 weeks to complete the testing plan for a release; if this pattern holds, I expect a release before the Fedora Committers' call on 22 August 2013.  I'll post again to this list if there are any (more) delays.

Many thanks for your support of the project,
  Benjamin Armintor (3.7 Release Manager)