I've got an answer from google today:


Hello Rastislav,

Please make sure your site conforms to our inclusion guidelines:


As you point out, your article pdf urls currently don't end in .pdf, which doesn't conform to our inclusion guidelines.  We've noted your request to improve handling of article pdf urls not ending in .pdf.


The Google Scholar Team 


Was anyone else solving this? Did you hacked Fedora or did you used the "x.pdf-> x/disseminator" redirect?

Thanks for any answers!


On 4 June 2013 15:51, Rastislav Hudak <hudak.rastislav@gmail.com> wrote:
On 06/04/2013 02:45 PM, ajs6f@virginia.edu wrote:
I think this may be a better question for Google Scholar support
Unfortunately so far their only answer was a link to the guidelines :-/ So I asked myself if anyone else using fcrepo has the same problem with google scholar (I guess it quite a common usecase).

, but I notice listed in this page:


the requirement that 'the full text of your paper is in a PDF file that ends with ".pdf"'. That appears under instructions for "Individual Authors", but it may apply generally.

In any event, if this is the problem, there isn't a solution inside the Fedora Commons framework without patching the Fedora code itself. That's where the segment-names of endpoints are defined. It wouldn't be impossible to do this if you can spend some time with the Java code, but it might be much easier to set up a simple proxy using Apache httpd or the like to expose the URLs in whatever fashion you like.
Hmm these documents are only a small part of the repository so only the proxy for this specific frontend is a reasonable solution. I can change /get/o:123 to /get/o123.pdf. However I'm not sure if that could help as they will be redirected anyway, it would never be a direct link. And the file usually ends with .pdf, its only the link that doesn't. But I'll try that, if nothing else will help.
Thanks for the answer! I'll get back if I'll find some solution or get some proper answer from google.


A. Soroka
The University of Virginia Library

On Jun 3, 2013, at 4:46 AM, Rastislav Hudak wrote:

Hi all,

we have implemented an institutional repository using fcrepo as backend, but our documents do not show at google scholar (not a single one, after more than half a year).

I don't see where we do not conform to the guidelines. One thing that i noticed however, is that in all it's examples google uses xxx.pdf urls for fulltexts. We do not have such urls, only disseminator calls (eg http://<repourl>/get/o:123 which then redirects to something like tadada/o:123/bdef:Content/get).

Could this be the problem? Dis anyone have similar problems?

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