In our organization we decided to use Fedora as Digital Object Store.

At the moment we are storing, accessing and (simple) searching the object using the webservice interface API as described in the apia and apiam. The objects are stored with several datastreams. Now we are at the point where we want to do more advanced object searching using some query language (like SQL). The apia and apiam are quite limited when it comes to object searching and it only supports searching in the Dublin Core format and we would like to do searching in our custom formats, which could be an RDF format. Is there any API or plugin for the Fedora that support object searching using some advanced query language. I read that Fedora has a Mulgara plugin, which actually provides a query language for the RDF based formats, but couldn't find anything about it on the Fedora site. Are there any links on how to get started on getting Fedora working with Mulgara or are there some other alternative solutions on that.

thx in advance, Piotr

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