I am attempting to ingest an object from one repository to another using fedora-admin.  I tried this 2 ways, directly from the other repository, and by exporting the foxml object and then ingesting it as a single file.  Both ways result in a SAXException, but the plot thickens:  The object has the following datastreams:DC,CVIMG,MARCXML,RELS-EXT. By removing the RELS-EXT the object is able to be ingested, but the PID, formally ameeldev:79 is changed to changeme:20.  This change is also reflected inin the fedora URL of the datastreams, and a dc.identifier field valued with changeme:20 is generated in addition to the already existing ameeldev:79.

I would like to ingest the object without the name change, and keeping the RELS-EXT datastream, and I'm wondering if anyone knows a way to do this other that reconstituting the object from scratch.