I found the error myself with the help of the demo objects. The DSInputSpec was not correct although it worked in 3.0. After the correction it does now also work in 3.2.


2009/6/24 Uwe Klosa <uwe.klosa@gmail.com>

I tried a upgrade from 3.0 to 3.2. I did the installation, changed the values in fedora.fcfg, run a rebuild, updated our policy files and reloaded them. I used our application to create objects in Fedora which went fine. When I test our disseminators I'm always greeted with the following error message: 'Dissemination Binding Info contained no data'.

Has there been some change in the content model desciption? Is there something new in the policy files I have mnissed. I also tried do create a new content model, but with the same result.

The only thing the disseminators do is using the saxon service to transform some XML with XSLT.

Thanks in advance for any hints.

Uwe Klosa