Hi Nigel,
Thank you very much for your answer.

Finally I think I have to switch the search directly to solr.

I have had a look at the source code of the gsearch/solr plug-in that is in the package


It seems to me that Gsearch accesses directly the lucene index on the filesystem that is configured in the the parameter


in the index.properties

In other words, it seems that GSearch doesn’t use SOLR for searching at all. Is this actually the case?


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Hi Alex,

>> Hi all,
>> I'm implementing a search interface on top of gsearch two solr cores. In
That interface I like to have the results trough gsearch with in addition
some facet information that comes from solr.
>> Do you think it's possible? Did someone implemented something like that?

Faceting is not available in GSearch however does support basic search.
Faceting data can be retrieved from SOLR using plugin like

We have similar requirement and decided to keep GSearch for managing
indexing related tasks, and developed an interface which uses Solrj to
handle faceting and other search features.

Take a look at some of the community developed search interfaces, some of
them support faceting:


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