thanks! i implemented a buffered ServletOutputStream on that URL and it worked like a treat!
do you know if there is a way to increase the fedora stream buffer? it seems to be quite small at 255 bytes per fetch (looking at log output).
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Fedora currently does not use soap with attachments, which would be the right way to
support this over soap in a non-memory-bound way.

You can however use plain old http to get the content:


This gets the most recent version of the datastream.
For a specific version you can add /date to the end of the url.  For example:


- Chris

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Subject: [Fedora-commons-users] large datastream download memory issue

i uploaded a 100mb datastream to fedora and i have a problem with download of the stream using the fedora api-a.


 MIMETypedStream mts = FedoraAccess.getDatastreamDissemination(pid,dsID,null);
 byte b = mts.getStream();

this creates a byte array of at least 100MB in memory.

is there a way to buffer the datastream instead?

Steve Hassan
Systems and Applications Developer

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