Are there any known issues with running on Mulgara 2.1.13?


We have setup Mulgara 2.1.13 in its own JVM on the same server as Fedora.


The fedora program to rebuild the Mulgara triple-store (  builds the triple-store without displaying warnings or errors.  Fedora’s tomcat starts up and the triples can be viewed and changed using fedora REST interfaces: admin  and risearch.


However, the Mulgara data directory (/app/local/mulgara/fedora/) is now empty.  Using the find command, I did not find any active “lucene” directories on the file system.  After Fedora and Mulgara are shut down and restarted, the triples are gone.


When an object is changed through the admin interface, Mulgara builds the data directory with lucene, temp, xaStatementStore and xaStringPool directories. After restarting Fedora and Mulgara , the triples in the triple-store remain.  





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