Good morning everyone,

I am encountering some errors with both the Fedora Admin client and the Fedora Web Admin in using both with my Fedora installation.

On the client side, I can connect to my Fedora repository and I can even browse the demo collection to a certain point. The attached image gui-admin-error-1 shows the error that I receive when I attempt to create a new content model. The attached image gui-admin-error-2 shows the error message that I receive when I attempt to ingest one file from my workstation's hard drive to my repository using the Fedora Admin client.

On the web admin side, I'm not sure what is going on. The web admin interface does not prompt me for credentials. As both the attached pictures show (web-admin-error-1 received when trying to view a DC datastream associated with an object in the demo collection and web-admin-error-2, received when trying to create a new object), I'm receiving 401 errors with all actions involving the web admin interface.

Between the authorization-related client messages and the 401 errors in the web client, I'm guess the problem I'm encountering is a system-wide one that involves SSL. Has anyone troubleshot any errors like these from either the GUI client or the web client before?