I am running a clean "Quick Install" of the current Fedora Repository Software, Release 3.2.1.

I have tried unsuccessfully to run the Example SOAP Client (as documented here:
http://www.fedora-commons.org/confluence/display/FCR30/Example+SOAP+Client  )

Can anyone confirm for me that the "Example SOAP Client" can run successfully against  a "Quick Install" installation?

One error that I am getting is running compile-demo-soapclient.bat.  That is:

The error returned is:

C:\apps\Fedora\client\demo\soapclient\DemoSOAPClient.java:243: cannot find symbol
symbol : variable FEDORA_DEFAULT_CONTEXT
location: interface fedora.common.Constants
String context = Constants.FEDORA_DEFAULT_CONTEXT;
^1 error
Finished compile of demo soap client.

Looking at Interface fedora.common.Constants I see no property FEDORA_DEFAULT_CONTEXT.

I do, however, see FEDORA_DEFAULT_APP_CONTEXT.  Might this be an error in the class DemoSOAPClient.java?  If yes, should I add this as an issue in the Bug Tracker?

Docs here for Interface fedora.common.Constants: