There's at least one that I know of, which you can expect to see on the "Tools" section of the website sometime soon.

As far as using ROOT/, I don't understand exactly why that's happening.  We do use the ROOT webapp as part of the default Fedora installation in the included Tomcat.

- Chris

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My name is António Fonseca and I'm a Portuguese Master degree student.
My dissertation will be in "digital library usability" and I'm creating a digital library in FEDORA.
I'm devoloping a web interface in PHP and want to prepare a user-frendlly interface for administration and acess in FEDORA repository.
My first questions is: does anyone out there is developing (or did develop) any web interface for FEDORA in PHP?
I also find a problem in FEDORA that I dont understand:
I try to create my web interface in PHP and placed in the:
but with the server running I dont get the php pages ok.
Does anyone understand why this happens?
I install another apache server (apachefriends) and there the pages works fine and inclusive the php example avaliable for the FEDORA system...

Many thanks in advance, and please correct me in any mistake or error (I'm new in these thinks).

Best regards
António Fonseca

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