Thanks for the detailed report.  See

Note the two attachments at the top:  I was able to generate C-sharp code from these using wsdl.exe v1.1.4322.573

- Chris

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From: on behalf of Tomislav Karafilov
Sent: Wed 2/9/2005 8:11 AM
Subject: [Fedora-users] Fedora-API-A.wsdl to C-Sharp Problem


I have installed the new Fedora 2.0 Release successfully on a W2k machine.
Now I am trying to write a SOAP client for Fedora 2.0 with Microsoft
C-Sharp. I am using the german version of the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
2003 and I have downloaded the fedora-api-a.wsdl file from At I have found an
example of how to write a Microsoft C# client to communicate with a Fedora

Now, when I try to generate the client code with wsdl.exe (Version
1.1.4322.573) from the Fedora-API-A.wsdl, I got this error message
(translated from german version) :

Error reading 'fedora-api-a.wsdl'
- Error in XML-document (6,5)
- 'Element' is an invalid node type (row6, Position 5)

I am calling wsdl.exe from the command prompt with 'wsdl fedora-api-a.wsdl'.
The file fedora-types.xsd is located in the same directory as the
'fedora-API-A.wsdl' file. Even calling wsdl.exe with given proxy parameters
for internet connection does not help.

What I am doing wrong ? Has anyone tested the generation of an C-Sharp
client on a Windows machine ? It seems, that wsdl.exe has problems with the
element <wsdldoc:type>.

I hope, someone can help me !?


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