Hi Chris,

The aliases you can use are 1) those that are pre-defined or 2) those that can be declared on a per-query basis, if supported by the query language you're using.

iTQL and SPO don't support per-query alias declarations.  RDQL does, via the USING clause -- see http://www.hpl.hp.com/semweb/doc/tutorial/RDQL/#URI%20Prefixes  

We hope to eventually support the SPARQL language as it matures, and it also has a provision for per-query aliases ("prefix" declarations, I believe they call them).

- Chris

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The "alias" capability is implemented in ResourceIndexImpl.java but
there doesn't seem to be any web services interface for an application
to register an alias for a namespace that it uses. This means that
queries must be written in terms of fully spelled out property

Is there a programmatic means of registering an alias for a user defined

Thanks, Chris

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