I have a project under development to use Fedora to store NASA's Earth Science data sets, One use case at hand is call to support FTP and other data handling server to let user see and download all the files in Fedora repository.
I experimented an approach in which I installed a custom PathAlgorithm and a ILowlevelStorage to change the default timestamp based path algorithm, into using a PID namespace algorithm, and also changed code in DefaultDOManager.java, ILowLevelStorage.java to allow MIME type be used in the file name if MIME type is given.  The changed code and fedora server appear to work for me fine.  It would also seem to be minimally intrusive to the base code, for the added code, although DefaultDOManager.java change is somewhat intrusive.
I am not sure the consequence of this change to the integrity to the system (I am aware the obvious security by-pass).  Is there any unit test I need to setup and run against, to ensure nothing is broken?  Anything else I need to watch out for?
A related question is on Akubra, which I saw from the code and heard from other people/presentations, how is that related to what I do? There are parallel classes named Akubra** to the LowlevelStorage.java and LowlevelStorageModule.java, I am not sure how Akubra is or should be used for my case.
Thanks for any help
Jerry Yun Pan, Ph.D
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