Just like to add to the list of users who have experienced this bug :-(  It was a bit embarrassing because we use Fedora to underpin a metadata wiki which allows users with X.509 certificate (and later public) to annotate metadata/view object history via the API-M. This means API-M is core to our digital library front-end services not only for back-end batch upload process. Going to implement the fix and hope the bug goes away.

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Boon Low
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UK National e-Science Centre

On 18 Jul 2006, at 12:31, Ross L. Wayland wrote:

Hi Dave,

The problem you describe sounds similar to bug #144 which involves the new JAASRealm introduced in Fedora 2.1. If this is the same problem, a temporary workaround is to configure Fedora to bypass the JAAS Realm and use the "memory realm" instead. See bugzilla for details on how to implement the workaround.


Dave Hoover wrote:
I am running Fedora-2.1.1 source code on Solaris 9.0 and am getting
randmom Unauthorized(401) messages trying to manipulate objects with
the fedoar client programs and the fedora apim.

The first occurences were when using the fedora-purge client command
to remove 180 test objects. Restarting the server cleared up this

The next time it occurred after using the fedora-ingest client command
on the 750th record i got the error. No ingests would work until
fedora was shutdown and restarted.

After finishing our initial data load, we then started using our
scripts to ingest a retrieve objects .


We were able to ingest 3 objects last friday, but as of today the
server stopped responding to requests and needed to be restarted.

Has anybody else experienced this problem ? Can anybody provide
some suggestions for fixing this problem ?


Dave Hoover
Systems Programmer
Rutgers University Libraries

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