I'm trying to install and use Fedora 3.2, using the custom installation, because I need to use a database different of the one offered from the quick installation from Fedora. I'm using Postgresql. When I finished installing Fedora, and I try to enter in Fedora Administration, it also apears an  error showing the message: Bad Username or Password. But I'm sure that I'm using the same password and username that I choose during the installation. My operation system is Windows Vista. I would like some orientations to install and to get using the Fedora 3.2, because I need to do a work using this tool with web services.

Thanks a lot

Thaysa Paiva
B.S. in Computer Engineering - UPE
Specialist in Test Analisys - CIn/UFPE
MSc.Candidate in Computer Science - CIn/UFPE