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We have a few projects here at the Marine Biological Laboratory that of a biology nature. We are using fedora not only to organize documents but also to keep track of certain parts of a document and point them back to the originals using RDF triples. However, our projects pushed fedora one step farther. We are using semantic analyzers based on ontology driven dictionaries to analyze the fedora contents and store the annotations where it belongs. We decided to not to use CMA because it is too restrictive for this purpose and our models are not exactly uniform. We are using "rules" vs. "schemas" to design the CM. I am hoping to submit a paper or perhaps a poster and share our experience with fedora community next open repositories conference in GA.

I think this deserves a video chat so we can perhaps share eexperience and learn from each other.Please let me know what you think.

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On Fri, Dec 5, 2008 at 5:05 AM, Michael Haft <MHaft@fba.org.uk> wrote:

I'm froma biological charity and we're considering using fedora. We have an extensive library catalogue, extensive historical datasets, an unpublished collection of documents, specimen collections, an image archive and a varety of web resoures all of which we'd like to pull together so something like fedora looks rather interesting from that point of view. We've also been working on some OWL ontologies for soome years with a view to creating an ecological database of sorts.

So we were thinking about using fedora and were wodering if it would be possible to use our ontologies with it. From my reading on the subject it seems that there are capabilities like this within the CMA. Essentially we're wondering if we can use our existing OWL ontologies and create digital objects in the fedora repository that are organised according to the biological priciples we've put into pour ontologies. If so can we then query these ontologies accordingly, i.e. will we be able to ask fedora for all the species in a certain type of habitat at a certain temperature range and geographical location, assuming species are a particular data object or class of objects.

I'm also curious as to how the other fedora projects would link into this aim, i.e. mulgara, topaz, etc..

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