This issue looks like it might have been caused by a known bug in the authentication module.
The bug has already been fixed and the fix will be part of the next release (3.2).
See https://fedora-commons.org/jira/browse/FCREPO-393 for more information about this issue.

If your error is caused by the above-mentioned bug, one temporary solution for you could be
to replace the CacheElement.class in your Fedora instance with the one provided as file
attachment on the FCREPO-393 tracker item.

- Kai

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Von: Hamed, Ahmed A. [mailto:ahmed.elmasri@gmail.com]
Gesendet: Do 19.03.2009 23:29
An: fedora-commons-users
Betreff: [Fedora-commons-users] Authentication failed on massive ingest

Hello friends,
I am doing a massive ingest from big files. However, the ingestion is
interrupted after processing 1/2 a million records and while adding a
datastream. This datastream only contains a number and it is represented as
a plain-text.

Following is the error that I am receiving:
java.io.IOException: Upload failed: Unauthorized: <html><head>
<title>Fedora: 401 Unauthorized</title></head>     <body>
<center>           <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"
width="784">              <tbody><tr>                 <td height="134"
valign="top" width="141"><img src="/fedora/images/newlogo2.jpg" height="134"
width="141"></td>                 <td valign="top"
width="643">                    <center>                       <h2>401
Unauthorized</h2>                       <h3>Authentication
failed</h3>                    </center>                 </td>
</tr>           </tbody></table>        </center>     </body></html>
        at fedora.client.FedoraClient.uploadFile(FedoraClient.java:196)
        at parser.MedlineReader.readXMLDocument(MedlineReader.java:101)
        at parser.MedlineReader.main(MedlineReader.java:181)

I would appreciate any insights.
Best wishes,

Ahmed Abdeen Hamed
Scientific Informatics Project Leader
Marine Biological Laboratory Woods Hole, MA
Ph.D. student, Complex Systems
School of Informatics, Indiana University


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