At 12:49 AM 12/16/2004 -0500, Chris Wilper wrote:

The stock configuration in CVS (the one that's going in 2.0 when we're done testing) has the -server switch by default now.  Also, the included tomcat has been updated and pre-tuned for a higher number of concurrent connections.

Any chance of building a release which is not already bundled with Tomcat?

I already have installed and am using Tomcat in production and test environments on many systems.  In order to install and evaluate Fedora I have to either find a system on which I don't currently have Tomcat running or install it using a different port.  I don't know if anyone has tried it but presumably Fedora should be able to run in servlet containers other than Tomcat (Resin, JBoss, Websphere, JRun).  As an ideal, if Fedora were packaged as a war file it could be theoretically dropped into any web application container.  I know of one project that is done this way that comes bundled with an embedded database (HSQL) so it doesn't even require database configuration to begin evaluating it.

I notice on the fedora web site that there is a link to a Fedora Wiki (which results in a page not found error).  Have you given any thought to using something like Confluence for collaborative contribution?  The JA-SIG projects (i.e. uPortal) just recently implemented Confluence and an amazing amount of content has already been produced in just a couple of weeks.  There are quite a few other projects that are using it (Spring Framework, Hibernate,It also integrates well with JIRA (an issue tracking system).  The best part is that both Confluence and JIRA are free for open source projects.