Hi Diwakar

I've done an integration of the Handle system with Fedora Commons, which may be of interest.

The integration uses the FedoraUpdateHandler application to listen for notifications of newly ingested records in Fedora, and then launches a script which generates a handle (using a "PIDS" web-service interface to the Handle server, but you could equally use the hdl-genericbatch tool that comes with the CNRI Handle server software[2]), and then saves the handle in a datastream on the newly ingested object.

Using FedoraUpdateHandler for integration means you just have to write a script to generate the handle. If you want to save the handle as an attribute of the Fedora object you can use an HTTP client such as curl or wget to save it as a datastream.



1. http://ands-la-trobe.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/fedora-update-handler/index.html
2. http://www.handle.net/tech_manual/Handle_Technical_Manual.pdf

On 28/02/12 06:37, Diwakar Timilsina wrote:
Hi all,
                I am trying to find out if it's possible to integrate CNRI Handle system with Fedora Commons so that digital objects have a Handle URI. Has anybody implemented this at their institution? Are there any alternatives to using the Handle system? I could not find much information regarding this in the forums.

Thank you.

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