Hi Roman,

I also got the same error messages as you until I realised that Fez was not compatible with the latest release of Fedora. After installing fedora v 2.1, everything worked fine.

And from further research it does appear as though FezACML-based security resides on the Fez level of a system so anyone trying to access the repository through a different client will bypass everything. Muradora does solve this problem but is not as feature-full as Fez - though it does also support versioning and is compatible with the latest Fedora meaning that it can do things like checksumming on ingest.


Roman Chyla wrote:

I'm thinking of using the Fez front-end on top of a Fedora repository
but there's one worrying issue that needs clarification. Fez does not

Have you managed to install Fez and have it working? Both of my
installations, 1.3 and also 2.0, are not -
http://sourceforge.net/forum/message.php?msg_id=4630765 - in 2.0rc,
some tables are probably missing (i mailed one of the developers with

use Fedora's XACML technology. Instead it uses its own FezACML access
policies which are stored with every digital object. What worries me is
that FezACML is only compatible with Fez and hence will only restrict
access to objects if the user is connecting to Fedora through Fez. If

as far as I understand from some bits, you does not need to switch off
fedora's xacml - then fez will use fezacml, and it will be checked
also against xacml. there are troubles with performance and also with
management of two cml though

another front-end is used with the correct Fedora admin username and
password, then FezACML can basically be thrown out the window.

Could someone tell me please whether my thinking is correct? Is ignoring
XACML a potential security issue? Are there any front-ends available
that don't have this problem?

please take a loot at muradora.org, they use native fedora's XACML. If
possible, share your views, this matter might be interesting for more
people (anybody in the forum, please give us your opinions)

Thank you


thank you,
Zbigniew Zdziarski

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