2.  Ana -- can you send us more information about the queries you were running.   Were they search queries on the Fedora Basic Search interface, or Resource Index search?
the search queries were done via our SOAP client (apache 2.054, php 5.04) using FEDORA's API-A.  you can try it out yourself with any string (it searches all dc fields in the ~14000 objects):  http://web.awi-bremerhaven.de/php/Helmholtz_WS/index.php (unselect  the PANGAEA/WDC-Mare repository).



Dr. Ana Macario
Alfred Wegener Institut for Polar and Marine Research
Am Handelshafen 12  (see maps: 1 | 2)
D-27570 Bremerhaven

email: amacario@awi-bremerhaven.de
web: http://www.awi-bremerhaven.de/People/show?amacario
tel: +49(471)-4831-1435
fax: +49(471)-4831-1590