Hi all,


in our project, we want to use the Fedora Resource Index.


We have the following scenario: A user is ingesting one or several

objects with RELS-EXT-entries. This user would expect, that

a certain query of the resource index

(which is based on RI/Triplestore entries) immediately

after her/his own ingestion would retrieve the newly ingested

objects (and also the via RELS-EXT connected objects).


As we understand from the fedora RI-manual, we can only achieve

this behaviour reliable, when we set the flush parameter in the risearch

to "true". But when using the risearch with the option flush="true" (immediately after

object ingestion) we experienced response times of 65 seconds.


We wonder, if others where faced with a similar problem. Are there any

approaches for fastening the query ?


Thanks for your help in advance