Thanks Thierry,

It didn't occur to me to call upload when attempting to update an Inline XML datastream.  It seems like such a roundabout way to do it.  That makes me especially curious about what the upload servlet is actually doing that's so special.  There actually is already a bit of information about uploading datastreams on the wiki (see  If you have any additions to what's there, please do post them, especially if it's info about what the servlet is doing on the Fedora server level.

I certainly am enjoying fedora so far.

Matt Zumwalt
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On Oct 1, 2006, at 6:20 PM, Thierry MICHEL wrote:

Hi Matt,

I think I have to write an howto into the wiki since you are the second person 
quite lost with the dsLocation value.

The dsLocation value is returned by the Upload servlet provided by Fedora 
which is doing some file registration at Fedora server level (I may also 
write some stuff about this interesting part of Fedora...)

So first call Upload and then create your DataStream. Last year,  during the 
european Fedora's meeting, we talked about using SOAP attachment to avoid 
Upload call... but afaik that's not present in the 2.1.1 version (may someone 
from dev staff can bring us more info about that ?)

If you are skilled in servlet and web services development you could also 
write a new web service (see Fedora Repository Service)  which uses SOAP 
attachments and does the job for you. I did and that run quite well (Is there 
someone who did that too in order to share some hints ? )

Hope this can help you enjoying Fedora as I am ;-)


Le dimanche 1 octobre 2006 23:53, Matt Zumwalt a écrit :
If I use API-M to modify (or create) an Inline XML Datastream, do I
have to save the new XML to a temporary file and then pass a URL
reference to that file as the value of the "dslocation" parameter?
It seems like I should be able to pass the new XML directly as part
of the SOAP call, thus bypassing the creation of a temp file, but the
method's documentation doesn't have any hints about how to do that.

Matt Zumwalt
MediaShelf, LLC

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