Hi Ross
Thanks for the reply.  The problem seems to occur when trying to open all objects (included ingested demos) within the admin client.  Me and a colleague did have to change a few of the DB datatypes in order to find a compatible implementation.  The doFields table was one that was effected, as we had to define the 'oracle - CLOB' type as an ingres VARCHAR(3000)  type purely because CLOB's don't exist in Ingres.  I am wondering if this is causing a massive performance issue with there being several VARCHAR(3000)'s declared in the table?
I changed the maxSecondsPerSession to 300 and the problem still occurred (would it be wise going larger then 300?). 
I have included the fedora config file, hopefully that might give some answers.  Other then that I am starting to think that it could be the VARHCAR(3000)'s causing a massive performance lag.
Thanks again for you reply and help.
University of Hull

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Hi Simon,

It is not clear what might be causing this...

The initial "connection has failed" message usually means that the physical connection between Fedora and the backend SQL db has been interrupted for some reason. This could be related to connection pooling settings (are you still using defaults?) or some timeout of the query on the sql db side or issues with Ingress JDBC driver. Does this behavior happen for all objects or just for the object acukhull:1 ?  Can you send me a copy of your fedora.fcfg file.

Since this query works using the Ingress query analyzer, I don't think it is related to changes you had to make to source to accomodate Ingress. Did you have to change any of the data type mappings for the doFields table?

Another possibility is the timeout used by FieldSearch. There are two parameters in fedora.fcfg that control timeouts for FieldSearch

        <param name="maxResults" value="100"/>
        <param name="maxSecondsPerSession" value="100"/>

If there are more than maxResults in the query, FieldSearch will just return the first maxResults with a "more" link. This more link timesout after maxSecondsPerSession. You could also try increasing maxSecondsPerSession to a larger number like 300 although the connection failed message seems to be pointing more at a failed db connection.


Simon Lamb wrote:
Hello all
I've been playing around with Fedora 2.0 with our Ingres DB implementation and have come across a problem when trying to open objects in the admin client.  The admin client allows objects to created and searched upon, but will throw an error when a specific object is doubled clicked upon to open.  The admin client throws up a dialog box with the following error: -
org.apache.axis.AxisFault: Error querying sql db:  The connection has failed.
Upon further investigation in the server logs, the following thrown exception is logged :-
  <finest time="1133286605793" thread="16">fedora.server.search.FieldSearchSQLModule: SELECT pid, state, label, cModel, cDate, mDat
, ownerId, fType FROM doFields WHERE doFields.pid = 'acukhull:1'</finest>
  <finer time="1133286605804" thread="16">Error carried up to API-A level: fedora.server.errors.StorageDeviceException
I initially thought it may be related to the SQL being sent, but this works fine in the Ingres SQL query analyzer.  Any ideas what this could be?  I realise it could be that we've missed a change to the source to accommodate the Ingres DB, but unsure of where.
Any help would be much appreciated
Simon Lamb
University of Hull

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