Hi Fedora Community,

We have an new position open with the DuraSpace organization.   We are looking for a Web Developer to work on the DuraCloud project.  See below for position description.   Also, you may have seen DuraSpace/DuraCloud in the news yesterday as we launched our DuraCloud pilot program with funding from the Library of Congress NDIIPP.

See press release:  http://www.loc.gov/today/pr/2009/09-140.html
See CNET article: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13846_3-10286280-62.html

This is sure to be an exciting opportunity!   To apply see information below.

- Sandy


Position Opening:  Web Developer

The newly formed DuraSpace organization is looking for an experienced Web developer to join the team designing, building, and supporting its new cloud compute service and open technology named DuraCloud. DuraSpace is a 501(c)3 located on the M.I.T and Cornell University campus whose mission is to enable and support open source technologies and services for scholarship and research. DuraSpace currently supports several open source platforms including DSpace and Fedora.

DuraCloud is a Web-based, hosted service that takes advantage of the cost efficiencies of cloud storage and cloud computing, while adding value to help ensure longevity and re-use of digital content. The DuraSpace organization is developing partnerships with commercial cloud providers who offer both storage and computing capabilities.

The DuraCloud service will be run by the DuraSpace organization. Its target audiences are organizations responsible for digital preservation and groups creating shared spaces for access and re-use of digital content. DuraCloud will be accessible directly as a Web service and also via plug-ins to digital repositories including Fedora and DSpace. The software developed to support the DuraCloud service will be made available as open source. An early release of DuraCloud will be available for selected pilot partners in Fall 2009.

The Web developer will join the team designing, building, and supporting the DuraCloud durable storage service and related Web sites for the DSpace Foundation, Fedora Commons, and other open source projects. The developer will be responsible for all aspects of requirements gathering, technical analysis, and development, testing, and documenting customer-facing applications, working both alone and as a member of a team. The position, which reports to the Chief Technology Officer, requires a knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and self-motivated individual with extensive experience in user interface design on the Web and thorough grounding in HCI principles and practices.

The position will be part of a team responsible for development work on, and support of software and deployments of multiple Web sites. Some of the software developed will be released as open source. Programming duties will include general system enhancements, bug fixes and new functionality, working in close collaboration with other team members and the larger open source development community, where open source components are used. Work on new system functionality will include:

    * Analyze requirements, develop, and implement new system features and functionality as assigned
    * Work with usability experts, domain experts, etc. to refine requirements and designs
    * Develop related systems and enhancements to those systems as needed
    * Write and maintain technical documentation for new and changed systems
    * Contribute to open source code development and collaborate with the community to successfully deploy and manage the system

For all development work, the developer will be responsible for determining viable alternatives, making recommendations, and designing, specifying, obtaining consensus on, implementing, testing, and documenting solutions. The developer also will need to communicate schedules and status reports on a regular basis and will work in close collaboration with other technical staff and other institutions when applicable. Responsibilities may require minimal travel, and flexible hours, and delivering presentations at professional conferences.

Required: Bachelors degree or equivalent work experience. Minimum two years direct experience in designing and building dynamic web UIs using two or more of XHTML, XML/XSLT, Javascript, Flash, CSS, PHP, etc. Familiarity with Web-based applications and development practices (e.g. XML, servlets, JSP, Rails) and enterprise architectures (Java) in a UNIX environment. Familiarity with Web and application servers (e.g. Apache/Tomcat or equivalents). Strong communication and interpersonal skills. Flexibility and willingness to collaborate with both technical and non-technical staff in a team/cooperative environment.

Desirable: Experience building and maintaining complex Web applications and/or digital library systems. Experience in structured client-side AJAX programming using frameworks and libraries. Understanding of accessibility issues. Familiarity with Web services and virtualized or cloud computing environments. Solid understanding of relational databases and SQL.

To Apply
Please email or mail cover letters and resumes addressed to:
Carissa Smith
DuraSpace, Inc.
301 College Avenue
Cornell University Information Science Building
Ithaca, NY 14850

Sandy Payette
Chief Executive Officer