Do anyone know about the developments with the Public Library of Science ( and the Topaz project ( ?
While the Topaz site is remarkable unhelpful, it does 'hide' a easily guessable demo at the following URL - Note the partners along the left-hand side include Fedora Commons and Mulgara.
So, does anyone know about the Topaz projects development, architecture, aims or progress?

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Sent: 26 October 2007 12:21
To: Antony Corfield [awc]
Subject: Re: [Fedora-commons-users] User group meeting London

Yes.  Full details will be sent out on the Fedora UK&I mailing list (a JISC mail service to which you can subscribe) next week.
Richard Green

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Sent: 26 October 2007 12:14
Subject: [Fedora-commons-users] User group meeting London

Hi, could someone please confirm if this meeting is on 22/11/07 at Birkbeck, London.




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