Hi Etienne
Only one datastream changes at this stage. I'll have a look at modifyDatastream. So you basically just put the datastream xml into a file and call the REST API?
Thanks for your help.
Kind regards

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Subject: Re: [Fedora-commons-users] Updating Fedora Object via FOXML

When updating an existing Fedora object from a new FOXML file, I first delete/purge the existing object using a purgeObject API-M REST method. (a DELETE on /objects/{pid} ) A bit unwieldy, but it works.
It would have been nice if modifyObject worked with a FOXML file, iow doing a PUT /objects/{pid} with the FOXML as the body of the request. This probably has ramifications in the internal Fedora machinery, so I can understand how this is not an ideal call to support.
In your case, is it only a single datatream that changes or a bunch of things? modifyDatastream might be an option?
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Subject: [Fedora-commons-users] Updating Fedora Object via FOXML

Hi All
Is there a way to update an existing Fedora Object via a FOXML file?
I have Fedora Objects that were initially ingested via FOXML files that were generated from another system. The problem is that the other system can also make updates to the data, at which time I'd like to load the changes into Fedora from a new FOXML file that the other system creates.
Currently, if I attempt this, the update is rejected because the PID is already in FOXML. This makes sense, to prevent duplicates, but is there any way to instruct a FOXML file to update a Fedora record instead of rejecting it?
Thanks in advance