I should add that we will be replacing the Kowari resource index with Mulgara for Fedora 3.0.  Mulgara activity has really picked up in the last few months and has many improvements over the old version of Kowari.  I don't anticipate SPARQL support going into either MPTStore or Mulgara by the time Fedora 3.0 is released (Oct 31).  But I could be wrong on that...

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We are currently employing MPTStore for our eSciDoc project, which makes
reasonable use of the triple store. Our experience with Kowari has been
painfull and frustrating. MPTStore is quite the opposite, but we share
your concerns regarding conformance to standards like Sparql.

One very promising replacement for Kowari seems to be Mulgara
(http://www.mulgara.org/). The Topaz people have gained a lot of
experience with that product, so maybe it is worth the effort to get in
touch with them.


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> All,

> forgive a fairly open-ended inquiry but I am trying to get an
> idea of the status of the RDF/triple-store option for
> accessing a Fedora repository.  I see on the sourceforge site
> that Kowari is listed as "no longer under development".  The
> MPTStore alternative has more limited search options and
> apparently neither of these yet supports Sparql which I
> gather is likely to be the query-language of choice down the
> track (maybe that's questionable).  Also, there seem to be
> significant developments in store for Fedora 3.0 in this area.

> More generally, I'm struggling to find examples of large,
> public, websites or other digital resources based on RDF. 
> Are there any projects out there making significant use of
> the triple-store as a primary access mechanism (NSDL might be one)?

> Here at the Dictionary of Sydney project we want to present
> complexly inter-related concepts and resources to do with the
> history of the city - I suspect RDF is an appropriate
> mechanism but uncertainty around its implementation and the
> lack of projects and support (particularly here in Australia)
> gives me concerns that we may find ourselves on a bleeding
> rather than a leading edge.

> Any thoughts you have regarding this or information on other
> projects you are aware of would be greatly appreciated .  I'm
> also wondering if there is an anticipated release date for 3.0.

> Thanks

> Stewart Wallace
> Project Manager, Dictionary of Sydney
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