Hi Lynna,

While testing your patch, I tried both configurations (setting
the pid namespace in diringest.properties and not)
with a fresh Fedora 2.2 and wasn't able to reproduce this.

- Chris

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Subject: [Fedora-commons-users] Diringest problem with Fedora 2.2


When using Diringest 1.1 to upload files to a Fedora 2.2. repository, I
get the following error:

java.io.IOException: Error getting remote pid list: Error parsing
pidList: Premature end of file.

I have no such problems with the same Diringest instance and a Fedora
2.1. installation. The only time I have seen this problem before was
when I was trying to ingest files to a Fedora 2.1.1 installation that
used a custom PID generator. Reverting to the default Fedora 2.1.1
generator solved the problem.

This particular Fedora 2.2. repository is a default installation. Does
anyone have any thoughts?


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