Thank you Ross and Michael,
These are all valuable solutions. At the end we may implement one of the suggestions, which you are describing. For the moment though, our DB administrator wants to try to "discipline" Oracle not to overtake port 8080. It looks like Oracle is using 8080 for a totally unnecessary xml-over-http download service. We will see how that goes and will let you know if we have any success.
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I can't address the question re changing the port used by Oracle, but it's relatively straightforward to change the port number on which the Fedora server runs.

To run Fedora on a different port you need to update two entries in the Fedora config file (fedora.fcfg):

<param name="fedoraServerPort" value="8080"/>
<param name="xmlSchemaURL" value="http://localhost:8080/mets-fedora-ext.xsd"/>

Stop, and restart the Fedora Server.

One caveat is that if you have multiple instances of tomcat running on the same box, you may also need to change the port number used by Fedora's tomcat server for shutdown. By default, tomcat uses port 8005 as the shutdown port so multiple instances may conflict on the shutdown port if not configured properly. To change the port Fedora's tomcat uses for shutdown, you will need to edit the shutdown port:

     <Server port="8005" shutdown="SHUTDOWN" debug="0"> - change 8005 to an unused port number

in the following file in the Fedora distribution:



Nikolai Schwertner wrote:
Hello Everyone,

My coleague, Kate, and I are working on setting up the nightly distribution
of Fedora with Oracle. We installed Oracle 9 Enterprise edition on our
Windows box and ran into a problem. Oracle is using port 8080 for one of its
services, which causes conflicts with our Fedora, which is configured to run
on 8080. We were thinking about either reconfiguring Fedora to run on a
different port, or move Oracle to a separate machine as a possible solution.
A better solution for us would be if we are able to reconfigure Oracle not
to use 8080. We were wondering if any of you have had any experience in this
respect before?

Thank you,

/Tufts Academic Technology/

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