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Release date for beta3

The official release data for fedit beta 3 is set for saterday the 20 of 2002.

Posted by Sam Solomon 2002-04-14

Even closer

I'm about half way done with the commenting, I will be done later today, but right now I am off to do other things...

Posted by Sam Solomon 2002-04-13

Beta 3 almoast complete!!!

I fixed a ton of bugs (main thing)
I also added a select previous database choice for install

Add prefixes to tables so it doesn't interfere with other stuff in database
Add more comments...

Posted by Sam Solomon 2002-04-13

Source Forge!!!

I am glad to have gotten this space on sourceforges server. This space will be devoted to FEdit and the development of FEdit. If you wan't to help out, just E-mail me at sss-fedit@users.sourceforge.net. I would love to have your help.

Posted by Sam Solomon 2002-04-01