HMM States Definition

  • Aaran Stent
    Aaran Stent

    Hi, is there a more detailed description of the State code in table A.2 of the documentation.  I am attempting to tag a file using a HMM file and have found a record that has an sla or "State for Slash".  What does this mean?

    Following is the example I have.  I cannot work out from the data what "se" meant so have marked it as rubbish.  Otherwise this was assigned by the sample HMM file that came with Febrl.

    # 32964 (17): |se 2 l 1 18-22 thomson st south melbourne 3205 vic|

    #             |southeast 2 level 1 18 22 thomson street south_melbourne 3205 victoria|

       LQ:rubb, NU:rubb, UT:unty, NU:unnu, NU:sla, NU:wfnu, UN:wfna1, WT:wfty, LN:loc1, PC:pc, TR:ter1

    # Maximum Viterbi probability: 0.00000