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FDimage's new web site tells all

Check out the new site, ti explains the whole project and tells just how far along we are -- thanks for the support.

Posted by William Entriken 2001-08-18

FDimage releases 2D and 3D segments

FDimage has recently released its rendering code for 2 and 3-d modeling. Check it out and feedback. XML is greatly supported! http://fdimage.sf.net http://sf.net/projects/fdimage

Posted by William Entriken 2001-08-18

FDimage 0.4 is out

Check out the newest image-generation library and feed me your comments.

Posted by William Entriken 2001-07-03

OpenAI and FDimage

FDimage is being used to demonstrate the power of OpenAI's genetic algorithm, its a great time to be alive! FDimage is a new library for image generation looking to expand to the fractal/ techno-image field, and OpenAI is looking for ways to express it's in-development GA, check it out!

Posted by William Entriken 2001-04-23

FDimage 0.3

FDimage 0.3 is out! New functions for you to use!

Posted by William Entriken 2001-04-17

FDimage gets mad support

The image liraries and fractal implementations set has over 5 individual supporters making their own fractals -and- we're working with OpenAI to work with their GA to making a morphing image... stay tuned!

Posted by William Entriken 2001-04-07

Image fractals and library (fdImage) 0.2.1 public release!!!

That's right, 0.2.1 is out, get it while its hot, a bunch of people are working on fractals as I speak. Show off you math skills, check out the example and have a blast! http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/fdimage/

Posted by William Entriken 2001-03-30