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[r2522] by zeromus

support all mapper 176 games by unifying virtuanes 176 concepts with fk23c mapper and employing a new game database to provide one tiny PRG wiring parameter (??) or mapper variation which apparently isnt set by the game's operations. all the WXN games need it and none of the others do, so a variant is plausible, but it's such a tiny change i suspect a wiring difference instead.

2012-06-08 21:41:05 Tree
[r2521] by zeromus

win32-support funny languages for opening roms, through drag&drop, at least.

2012-06-08 21:15:37 Tree
[r2520] by zeromus

experiment to combine fk23c and the chinese 176

2012-06-06 19:32:16 Tree
[r2519] by ansstuff

Taseditor: small fix for Branches Tree - among bookmarks with equal jump_frame the cursor must be pointing at current branch

2012-06-06 18:59:21 Tree
[r2518] by zeromus

apply changes made during brief timespan in new (abandoned) svn repository:
* support mapper 176. mapper 176 no longer maps to BMCFK23C. BMCFK23C is still accessible through crc or unif? test case would be welcome. it is unclear to me why mapper 176 control was removed from 176.cpp and given to BMCFK23C
* fix malformed ines.cpp file format
* gtk: bump about date to 2012
* Taseditor: fixed silly bug with JumpToFrame
* Taseditor: autosave works only when project has a filename
* Taseditor: small fixes

2012-06-06 17:15:06 Tree
[r2517] by punkrockguy318

added note for old tree

2012-05-26 19:12:02 Tree
[r2516] by ansstuff

* Taseditor: Ctrl+Space accelerator = toggle "Auto-restore last position" checkbox
* Taseditor: remapped "Restore Playback" hotkey to Spacebar
* Taseditor: "Restore Playback" also pauses seeking
* Taseditor: mid-click = "Restore Playback" when possible

2012-05-26 12:24:20 Tree
[r2515] by ansstuff

Taseditor: Alt + middle mouse button = Restore Playback

2012-05-20 12:19:12 Tree
[r2514] by punkrockguy318

sdl: fix "value decreased" in cheat search menu; add value increased/decreased by known values - sf#3523150

2012-05-17 16:19:39 Tree
[r2513] by ansstuff

Changed default mapping of "Restore Playback" hotkey from Enter to Ctrl+Enter

2012-05-15 06:58:13 Tree
[r2512] by ansstuff

Taseditor: some refactoring

2012-05-13 17:14:10 Tree
[r2511] by punkrockguy318

note added that fceux requires gcc

2012-05-13 17:11:42 Tree
[r2510] by punkrockguy318

sdl: documentation update (lua scripting clarifications)

2012-05-11 06:08:04 Tree
[r2509] by ansstuff

Taseditor: one more time

2012-05-08 09:57:01 Tree
[r2508] by ansstuff

Taseditor: yet another "lost_position" logic change

2012-05-07 15:28:12 Tree
[r2507] by ansstuff

Taseditor: probably figured good "lost_position" logic, finally

2012-05-07 11:35:33 Tree
[r2506] by ansstuff

Taseditor: another experiment with "lost_position" logic

2012-05-03 18:08:04 Tree
[r2505] by ansstuff

Taseditor: changed "lost_position" logic again

2012-05-03 15:02:52 Tree
[r2504] by ansstuff

* Lua functions emu.pause() and emu.unpause() don't yield and don't reset emulator speed anymore
* updated docs

2012-05-01 21:05:35 Tree
[r2503] by ansstuff

Taseditor: Ctrl + mid click = run to Selection cursor; Shift + mid click = run to nearest Marker

2012-04-30 18:37:59 Tree
[r2502] by ansstuff

Taseditor: fixed filename logic when user creates project from an fm2 or a corrupted fm3

2012-04-26 18:11:24 Tree
[r2501] by BrandonEvans

Applied the renames for "minimum buttons pressed", "minimum buttons inputted".

2012-04-25 04:35:27 Tree
[r2500] by ansstuff

* Taseditor: removed "View->Show Lag Frames", "View->Highlight Markers", "Config->Superimpose affects copy/paste", "Config->Deselect on doubleclick", "Config->Mute Turbo" options
* Taseditor: "Config->Branches restore entire Movie" now works differently
* Taseditor: History always restores Markers
* Mute Turbo is on by default

2012-04-23 15:07:27 Tree
[r2499] by ansstuff

fixed previous commit (tooltips)

2012-04-20 14:16:56 Tree
[r2498] by ansstuff

* RAM Watch: fixed loading Data Size and Data Type from a .wch, now corrupted .wch won't crash FCEUX
* Taseditor: fixed tooltips

2012-04-19 15:31:49 Tree
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