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File Breaker / News: Recent posts

fbreak-0.2.2 released

File Breaker (fbreak) 0.2.2 is now out.

fbreak can now work with block sizes, whereas before, it would allocate the full break size (which wouldn't work so well if you had less free RAM than the break size).

Because of this, I now consider fbreak not only production quality, but mature, as it now has all the (minimally) desired features for an application of its type.

Enjoy. :-)

Posted by Matt Smith 2005-12-06

fbreak 0.2.1 released

I'm pleased to announce that File Breaker (fbreak) version 0.2.1 is now out. I've been staying on top of this thing ever since I first started it about a week ago.

This version is the cream of the crop, and today at work, I had the honor of trying it out in another real situation: splitting a 1.7GiB tar.gz archive into 3x 695MiB (or really: 2x 695M and 1x 329M) parts, for burning to a CD-R. I split it up and rebuilt it and compared the MD5 sums from before the splitting and after rebuilding -- success!... read more

Posted by Matt Smith 2005-11-24