#27 4.1 taskbar display like 3.18


In 4.1, the taskbar places all of the tasks flush
against eachother and the edges of the panel. This is
contrary to how the gtk2 theme selected should behave.
Backdating to 3.18, I see it displaying correctly, so
something was changed to 4.1 which caused this problem.
It's working fine still but does not look pleasing, IMO.

Have had another user confirm this behavior.


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    I second the proposal. How about a "padding" value available
    for configuration?

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    sorry for my english :-)
    can u explain in simple words what exactly is wrong?
    do u want a pad betwean tasks in a taskbar?

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    Basically yes. A certain padding BOTH between tasks AND
    between tasks and the edges of the panel. I guess it would
    be best to allow the user to set a value, in pixels, but if
    2 or 3 pixels are hardcoded that's fine too.

    Speaking of which, the separator could also use a bit of

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    the 1 pixel pad betwean task is here.
    regarding the pad betwean taskbar and edges: imo 0 pixel pad
    as default value is ok, to change I'll add a variable to

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    You may want to reconsider using that config padding value
    for in between tasks too. 1 pixel is too little, and with
    some GTK themes it's practically invisible.

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    1) I can make "border = <number>" parameter to plugin
    section. This will make internal border inside plugin widget
    betwean its real border and child space
    affects every plugin

    2) Additionally, taskbar will be added new parameter
    "TaskGap = <number>"
    to specify gap/space/padding betwean tasks in a taskbar
    affects taskbar only

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    the changes are:
    1. added spacing param to global section - this is space
    betwean plugins (default = 1)
    global {
    spacing = 1
    2. added border param to plugin section. plugin will shrink
    itself so border space will belong to parent widget (gtk+ way)
    plugin {
    type = test
    border = 3

    3. added spacing param to taskbar. this is a space betwean tasks
    plugin {
    type = taskbar
    config {
    spacing = 3

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    done in 4.2