#25 fstab mount plugin


It would be nice to see a plugin which allows the
placing of mounting icons on the panel. For example, a
CDROM icon, when clicked, would mount /mnt/cdrom
(defined in the config file). When mounted, the icon
should be full color, when not mounted, the icon should
display in a shaded (darkened) manner to clearly
indicate it is in an OFF state.

Going beyond simple cdroms, this is very useful for the
mounting of removable usb storage devices.

Xfce4's panel has a plugin which *sort of* introduces
this support. It's called a two-state launcher and you
have to write a shell script that the plugin refers to
when checking state or changing state. I think it would
be much preferred to have a plugin which does this all
natively and handles the greying out of icons
internally as well. An example of the configuration
would be:

Plugin {
type = mount
config {
item {
image = /usr/share/fbpanel/images/cdrom.png
tooltip = CDROM
dir = /mnt/cdrom
item {
image = /usr/share/fbpanel/images/usbdrive.png
tooltip = Flash Drive
dir = /mnt/flashdrive


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  • Sy Ali
    Sy Ali

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    Is this idea already contained within [ 1052387 ] Run window plugin ?

    I see that dclock allows this quite easily. It should be simple to implement a "run any application" plugin. Then the appropriate app could be called when a button is pressed in fbpanel.