#38 fbpanel crashed when starting Audacity

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I'm using fbpanel with openbox and when I run Audacity
fbpanel crashes immediately. The system is Gentoo
Linux on AMD64.

When running fbpanel from a terminal fbpanel prints the
following messages to the terminal:

These two lines right after starting fbpanel:

XGetGeometry failed
XGetGeometry failed

These lines in the moment when fbpanel crashes:

GLib-ERROR **: gmem.c:141: failed to allocate
18446744073709551424 bytes


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    hi, plz report fbpanel's version.
    P.S u can use "group" menu box for this

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    plz attach you config file.

  • fbpanel config

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    I've tried to reproduce this bug but without success. it
    just works. so I will need more help from you. Please run
    fbpanel with only one plugin, and loop over your usual
    plugin list until you find the one that crash a panel. Say
    the faulty plugin will be taskbar.
    Then uncomment #define DEBUG in plugins/taskbar.c, compile
    panel, reinstall it and run again. Al output plz attach to
    this tracker issue.
    Thanks. I

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    I have disabled all plugins and then reenabled only one at a time and I
    found that the taskbar plugin causes the crash. I have attached the debug
    I have noticed that there is version 4.2 available now, but I can't even
    compile that version, so I had to use 4.1.

    When I try to compile 4.2 I get this output:
    $ make
    DEP configurator.dep
    DEP ev.dep
    DEP gtkbgbox.dep
    DEP bg.dep
    DEP gtkbar.dep
    DEP plugin.dep
    DEP misc.dep
    DEP panel.dep
    TEXT config/default
    TEXT config/pager
    TEXT man/fbpanel.1.gz
    DEP systray/main.dep
    DEP systray/fixedtip.dep
    DEP systray/eggtraymanager.dep
    DEP systray/egg-marshal.dep
    CC systray/egg-marshal.o
    CC systray/eggtraymanager.o
    CC systray/fixedtip.o
    CC systray/main.o
    LD systray/tray.so
    egg-marshal.o: relocation R_X86_64_32 against `a local symbol' can not
    be used when making a shared object; recompile with -fPIC
    egg-marshal.o: could not read symbols: Bad value
    collect2: ld gab 1 als Ende-Status zurck
    make[1]: *** [tray.so] Fehler 1
    make: *** [systray] Fehler 2

  • Debug output of the taskbar plugin

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    Adding -fPIC to the CFLAGS fixed the compile issue with 4.2 but the bug is
    still there.

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    thanks for -fPIC hint :-) - I've fixed it and submited to cvs
    Audacity stuff is under work

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    plz run 'fbpanel --log 5' to make verbose
    and attach all output includeing those GLib-ERROR messages

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    I think I have fixed the bug. Plz download CVS version and
    check it
    It should be 4.4 version
    $ /usr/bin/fbpanel -v
    fbpanel 4.4

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    Looks good, no crash so far. :)
    I don't have program icons on the taskbar anymore though.
    Instead of the programs own icons, all programs show up with
    the same default icon.

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    ok, wrong icons is much better then crash.
    plz open new bug report and I close this "crash" bug

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