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738 Left parameter passed 'As Const UDT' to operator causes 'Type mismatch' with compatible argument open 2014-08-31 compiler  
734 Passing String argument to Zstring Ptr parameter ignores Constness open 2014-07-26 compiler  
732 After change disallowing CONST on ctor/dtor, the virtuals destructors do not work on CONST objects open 2014-08-22 compiler  
731 redim not working on passed array open 2014-06-02 compiler  
730 Using quirk keywords as identifier leads to parsing problems later open 2014-08-27 compiler  
729 Fixed-length string concat + assign misoptimization open 2014-08-28 compiler  
727 RTL functions not checking Constness unless marked RTL_CONST open 2014-05-22 compiler  
725 When accessing virtual/static member on object returned from function, this one is called twice/never! open 2014-03-30 compiler  
723 Bug in gfxlib's line statement open 2014-05-22 gfxlib2  
721 No runtime error 6 (compiled with -exx) when dynamic array is used with index=0 before any sizing open 2014-08-20 compiler  
718 Using "len" throws error 7 when used with variables with the same name as their (or other) types open 2014-01-29 compiler  
711 A derived type does not inherit any non-static member operators from its base open 2013-11-06 compiler  
708 Erroneous code line spread over multiple lines induces error message refering only to last line open 2013-10-31 compiler  
707 SEEK doesn't work with files opened for APPEND open 2013-10-06 rtlib  
695 wrong output of trigonometric funtions for large value of argument open 2013-10-05 compiler  
693 How to call an overridden base member operator, in disabling polymorphism (inheritance only)? open 2013-07-27 compiler  
688 A heap of non Win32 API related libraries (e.g. liballeg, libbass, libsdl) seem to be missing from Win32 binary builds from 0.90.0 onwards open 2013-07-22 other  
683 Bug keyboard layout in the graphical window open 2013-07-27 gfxlib2  
681 Problem with C back end open 2014-09-06 compiler  
676 FBC compiler not compiling code properly open 2013-05-29 compiler  
673 RANDOM file I/O incompatibility with QB open 2013-05-20 rtlib  
672 Forward declaration considered as different type in signature of procedure open 2014-08-22 compiler  
666 Cannot overload 'as string' with 'as zstring ptr' open 2014-08-27 compiler  
660 gen gcc: no variable name mangling in extern "C" functions (C keyword clashes) open 2013-07-22 compiler  
659 Linux x86 ABI changed; compiler update required open 2014-08-21 compiler  
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