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774 Weird feature of 2 syntaxes for declaring/defining dynamic arrays which allow use of initializer '= ANY' open 5 days ago compiler  
773 gfxlib: Umlaut keys don't work in a gfxwindow [linux] open 2015-04-11 gfxlib2  
772 Types with same name in different namespaces compare as equal open 2015-04-12 compiler  
770 ThreadCall does not ensure that data for passing parameter to a thread are still maintained until its launch open 2015-02-16 compiler  
766 The compiler doesn't accept unicode in the program file name open 2015-01-11 compiler  
764 For any member operator, an intermediary UDT without operator declaration breaks the polymorphism chain open 2014-12-31 compiler  
763 format(x, "ttttt") broken on Linux open 2015-01-31 rtlib  
762 GETMOUSE reads only after pause, and must not hold buttons to start open 2014-12-22 rtlib  
761 Windows headers in V1.00 open 2014-12-17 headers  
759 A clearer pointing of missing clauses open 2014-12-03 compiler  
756 Val with '0x' prefix open 2014-11-30 compiler  
753 Assigning a fixed-length string stops to copy at the first appearance of chr(0) and the rest is ignored open 2014-11-21 compiler  
752 Cast(Zstring, u) is prohibited even if UDT from 'u' defines the member operator Cast() Byref As Zstring open 2014-11-21 compiler  
751 '=' token not allowed inside parentheses for normal/quirk function calls in N of String * N open 2014-11-24 compiler  
750 Hang during exit on Windows 10 preview open 2014-11-18 gfxlib2  
749 For UDT with constructor, NEW does not support ANY as initializer while DIM supports this open 2014-11-15 compiler  
747 TAB wraps near end of a second line in XP textual open 2014-11-01 rtlib  
746 OPEN PIPE does not work when compiled with -lang qb option open 2014-10-31 compiler  
745 Printing in small screens affects printing in large screens open 2014-10-31 gfxlib2  
743 Weird result from LEN() on instance of an UDT with operator CAST(), when fbc version is 1.00.0 open 2014-10-28 compiler  
741 incorrect-fsf-address open 2014-10-17 compiler  
740 Unsafe signal handlers open 2014-09-27 rtlib  
738 Left parameter passed 'As Const UDT' to operator causes 'Type mismatch' with compatible argument open 2014-08-31 compiler  
734 Passing String argument to Zstring Ptr parameter ignores Constness open 2014-07-26 compiler  
732 After change disallowing CONST on ctor/dtor, the virtuals destructors do not work on CONST objects open 2015-01-29 compiler  
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