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Replace with 'nothing' (i.e. Remove)

v1.99 finally adds --remove. Check the feature request for more info. This last release also adds --svn for skipping SVN household folders.

The binary was compiled with the Digital Mars C++ compiler, http://digitalmars.com/. The next version of FART will be completely rewritten in Digital Mars' D Programming Language.

Posted by Lionello Lunesu 2008-03-25

Small update, 1.98c

The line length was increased to 8KiB.

This will be the last release of this old FART as we know it.

Posted by Lionello Lunesu 2008-01-09

Try it: fart --c-style * \n \r\n

Just an example of what FART can do for you. Very handy to rename files (in makefiles, but the files' names too!) and it'll do a 'cvs edit' for you too, if you want.

Posted by Lionello Lunesu 2002-08-25

Bug in 1.97, fixed in 1.98

Fixed a major bug, get the latest! (sorry...)

Posted by Lionello Lunesu 2002-08-16

Linux version!

What can I say, it works on linux too :-)

Posted by Lionello Lunesu 2002-08-15

New Name: Fart Ain't Replace Tool

Or do you like 'Find And Replace Text' better?

Posted by Lionello Lunesu 2002-04-08