Tomassino Ferrauto Gianluca Stefano Nolfi

Organization of the Documentation

The documentation is structured into sections that can be grouped thematically as follow:
1. Installing and Using FARSA introduces the basic concepts of FARSA, describe how to install FARSA and how to run and configure the exemplificative experiments.
2. Customizing and Expanding FARSA explains how to crete new user's defined experiment and how to expand FARSA.
3. Developer's Guides includes more information for developers for understanding how the things works behind the scene and how to add new libraries and components.

The Autonomous Robots Book provides an easy to follow theoretical and practical introduction to autonomous robots and to FARSA through the description of a series of experiments of increasing complexity and through a series of boxes that explain how to run and configure them and how to extend the tool to carry on different type of experiments. Currently, only the first 3 chapters are available. Several other chapters will be available during the forthcoming months.

Installing and Using FARSA

1 [Overview]
2 [Design Principles]
3 [Installation]
    3.1 [Windows - Installing from Binaries]
    3.2 [Linux - Installing from Binaries]
    3.3 [Mac - Installing from Binaries]
    3.4 [Windows - Installing from Sources]
    3.5 [Linux - Installing from Sources]
    3.6 [Mac - Installing from Sources]
4 [Running the Exemplificative Experiments]
    4.1 [Compiling an Experiment Plugin]
5 [Configuring an Experiment]
    5.1 [The Robots and Robots' sensory-motor system]
      5.1.1 [The MarxBot Robot]
      5.1.2 [The Khepera Robot]
      5.1.3 [The e-Puck Robot]
      5.1.4 [The iCub Robot]
    5.2 [The Robot Neural Controller]
      5.2.1 [The Evonet Component]
    5.3 [The Adaptive/Developmental Process]
      5.3.1 [Evolutionary Algorithms]
      5.3.2 [Back-Propagation Learning]

Customizing and Expanding FARSA

6 [Customizing the environment]
    6.1 [The Arena Component]
    6.2 [The World Component]
7 [Customizing the robots]
    7.3 [Initializing Wheeled Robots]
    7.4 [Initializing iCub Robots]
8 [Creating a new experimental plugin]
9 [Programming a Fitness Function]

Developer's Guides

10 [FARSA APIs Documentation]
11 [FARSA Source Code Organization]
12 [Libraries Overview]
13 [Configuration Library]
    Load, Creation and Configuration
14 [Utilities Library]
    OpenCL support
15 [Worldsim Library]
16 [NNFW Library]
17 [GA Library]
18 [Experiments Library]
19 [Plugin Development]
[Create new Components]
[Component Development - Add Custom Actions]
[Component Development - Add Graphical User Interface]
[Create new Sensors]
[Create new Motors]
[Create new Robots]


Manual: Compiling an Experiment Plugin
Manual: Configuring an Experiment
Manual: Creating a new experimental plugin
Manual: Customizing the environment
Manual: Customizing the robots
Manual: Design Principles
Manual: FARSA APIs Documentation
Manual: Initializing Wheeled Robots
Manual: Installation
Manual: Linux - Installing from Binaries
Manual: Linux - Installing from Sources
Manual: Mac - Installing from Binaries
Manual: Mac - Installing from Sources
Manual: Overview
Manual: Plugin Development
Manual: Programming a Fitness Function
Manual: Running the Exemplificative Experiments
Manual: The Arena Component
Manual: The MarxBot Robot
Manual: The Robots and Robots' sensory-motor system
Manual: The World Component
Manual: Windows - Installing from Binaries
Manual: Windows - Installing from Sources

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