Hi everyone

Having had a minor disaster with our ISP, we I had to rebuild my server from scratch. I'm a Centos user, and using Yum I've been stuck behind the officil Fail2ban releases because there are no up-to-date Yum packages.

But yesterday I took advantage of the chance to simply install 0.8.8 properly, following the instructions. I had to use Yum to install several dependencies (such as a compiler!) but it all seemed to go ok.

However, the thing just won't start. I copied the redhat init into /etc/init/d/rc.d and set it to run on level 3.

But any attempt to start the service gives me a "failed" response. Nothing in the log, nothing anywhere - so I don't even know where I should start looking.

Could you guys give me some basic Fail2ban troubleshooting guidance please? I'm pretty good at going through this stuff logically, but a blanket "failure" doesn't help at all. For all I know, it might be nothing to do with Fail2ban and all to do with file permissions somewhere!

I'd appreciate any help you can give.

Tony Collins