Hi everyone,


Firstly I’d like to just say how great this software is. I use this with IPFW on mail servers running mailscanner amongst other things, on FreeBSD machines.


I’m having a slightly strange issue with SYSLOG. I am specifying SYSLOG for my logging and I can see it’s kind of working, by logging everything to /var/log/messages. However I want to log this to a remote server.

Can I specify a facility to use on syslogd to do this? If so, what is the facility?


I have tried adding the following to the fail2ban.conf file –


logtarget = SYSLOG

syslog-facility = local0


I’ve then added this to my syslog config –


local0.*                                        -/var/log/fail2ban.log

local0.*                                                @remoteserver.com



However this is still logging to /var/log/messages.


Is there a way to achieve this?