porting to UNIX

  • I may be able to port FTNOIR to UNIX (any POSIX system with Qt on it and SYSVSHM) but I need 2 things:

    1) API spec for communication with the sim(s)
    2) Donations. This isn't something I'll do for free. But, say, 1000$ will be enough.

    How many people are interested? Of them, how many can donate even 10$? If 100 people donate 10$, I'll do it.

  • Wim Vriend
    Wim Vriend

    Hi Stanislaw,

    Like I mentioned before, I do like the idea of making a UNIX/Linux version. Maybe you could start, by gathering info in how many games/sims run on these platforms? I only know one: FlightGear.

    I'm afraid you'll have to make a working version, before users will want to donate…

  • Know another one, X-Plane.

    Won't benetif from it personally, as I run various Unix dialects only occasionally, thus I won't do it. Otherwise I'd probably already finish.

    I don't work for promises of money unfortunately :( Perhaps we'll mention the subject again when there's actual user interest in Unix simming with FTNOIR.

    Will you integrate my curve editor and Accela for the next version? Still busy with life, eh?

  • Wim Vriend
    Wim Vriend

    Still going strong, indeed! The other project I'm working on is one I do get paid for (though modestly), so you'll understand the priority? Though I understand your opinion about 'promised money', unfortunately that's the way things often work (users don't like to pay for 'promised functionality' either…).

    X-plane: OK, that makes 2!

    As you may have noticed, I did work on FaceTrackNoIR last week. The way the filter and the tracker were embedded in the code, now also applies to the protocol(s). So adding a new protocol will be easier, since the program does not have to be adapted any more.

    I do plan to include your code in version 1.7, like I already did with the Accela-filter. Time is on our side.

  • Good news then.

    Think the tracker is ready for 1.0 by now. While I need some more feedback, whether positive or negative, it detects all the friends I play with, and I fixed the problem where it zoomed by itself more it turned. The amount it moved is linear and I found the 'x' so finding the 'y' wasn't that hard.

    Could you try the latest version from arma.misaki.pl, please? Remember the ancient version didn't work for you at all.