separate profiles for curves, filtering, trackers

  • Donovan Baarda
    Donovan Baarda

    Just a quick note between my RL commitments (children are sleeping,

    One thing that I think is underutilised in UI's with profiles is

    You add a "based on" or "parent profile" option that refers to any existing

    You include a "Default" profile that cannot be edited, only inherited from,
    that includes all the compiled in default settings.

    For each setting you add a special value or checkbox for "default", which
    means use the same value as in the parent profile.

    For bonus points, when "Default" is selected, have the
    input/slider/selector disabled and show the inherited value.

    This allows you to do things like create common base profiles like "FPS",
    "FlightSim", etc, and then have game-specific profiles inherit from the
    relevant base profile and only change the things you want changed for those

    On 3 January 2014 02:44, "Stanisław Halik" wrote:

    Let's discuss how inverting axes is to be treated.

    Is it part of tracker profile, game profile, or both, separate list for
    both instances?

    Methinks it's both. Either that or someone has to do the work of aligning
    axes for all possible trackers. And ensure new ones don't have the same
    problem before they're released.

    The problem is that some trackers require specialized hardware, and have
    to be fixed by the ones who can use them. Got no Arduino, -or- a PT clip.
    Who'll do the work? Any volunteers?

    By now, in the branch feature/settings-template, splitting profiles for
    game/tracker-related stuff separately requires just a bit of work. On the
    other hand, changing profiles on the fly is just a matter of unlocking the
    checkbox, and adding a keyboard shortcut.

    Any takers? Words of encouragement are nice and all that, but code talks.

    separate profiles for curves, filtering, trackers

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