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Virsion 1.0 Released - includes Waldo example!

An end-to-end example was added - Waldo. The demo is in the
source (Ezusb2131/Examples/Waldo) along with an extensive

This example was used at LinuxWorld (New York 2003) as part of an
HP ProLiant Gigabit network teaming demonstration using the Linux Bonding

This is an end-to-end example using a DeVaSys I2C/IO
(www.devasys.com/usbi2cio.htm) board. The USB board controls two servos, one
for horizontal movement and the other for vertical movement. A web interface
allows horizontal, vertical, and diagonal camera movement - remotely. Thats
right, the USB board and camera can be connected to a machine at another
location and be controlled remotely. All the source code is there for you
to review and modify.... read more

Posted by Tony Cureington 2003-02-21

Version 0.4 Released!

A special hack was added for developers when the device re-enumerates as an EZUSB device (venid=0x547, prodid=0x2131) after it has been downloaded by the EZUSB2131 driver. In this case the developer does not want the EZUSB2131 driver to claim the device after it re-enumerates. This is achieved by the ignore_renum_modula module parameter, ignore_renum_modula forces the re-enumeration to be ignored when (number_of_connects%ignore_renum_modula)==0. The number_of_connects variable increases with each ezusb device connection. So, passing ignore_renum_modula=2 as a module parameter would cause every other ezusb connection to be ignored. If the ezusb device is ignored, a message stating so will be logged in /var/log/messages. ... read more

Posted by Tony Cureington 2002-06-05

Version 0.3 Released!

This version fixes a compile problem on 2.4.7-10 SMP kernels. The #include <linux/smp_lock.h> was causing the compile failure.

Posted by Tony Cureington 2002-01-20

Version 0.2 Released!

I am pleased to announce the release of version 0.2 of the ezusb2131 (EZ-USB AN2131 Board Downloader). This version incorporates contributions from Arnim Laeuger which allows users to specify a non-native vendor and product id as module parameters.

Posted by Tony Cureington 2001-07-22

Version 0.1 Released!

I am pleased to announce the release of version 0.1 of the ezusb2131 (EZ-USB AN2131 Board Downloader).

Posted by Tony Cureington 2001-05-30